Top new this week: BlackBerry set to go private, iPhone sale figures,new Kindle Fire HDX tablets and more!

This week has been a fairly busy one for the tech world. We got to see a bunch of new tablets being rolled out from the likes of Microsoft and Amazon, as well as a ton of new tweaks and devices. Here's a quick recap of all the news that went by this week:

Nokia patents new hover based zooming, text enlargement features for Lumia series
Nokia has now patented new touchless interaction features for its line-up of Lumia devices. New patents reveal that the company is working on features that will apparently make reading and typing easier by just hovering over the screen. These features, from what can be seen, may be integrated to the company’s Lumia line-up soon.

BlackBerry World home to 130,000 BB10 applications
BlackBerry may be in the midst of some serious trouble but there’s still something to smile about for the Canadian company. Vice President for Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, revealed that the number of apps for the BlackBerry 10 OS now stands at 131,708 approximately, while at the BlackBerry Jam conference in Hong Kong on Thursday.
The all new BlackBerry World
BlackBerry World has 130,000 apps for BB10

Valve’s announcement week: 
Valve, this week made a series of announcements revolving around a new Linux-based operating systemgaming PCs running on Steam OS as well as a new Steam Controller
Ford's Alan Mulally to be Microsoft’s next CEO?
While Steve Ballmer took his farewell bow before thousands of applauding employees with a typically loud and emotional performance at his last companywide meeting, rumours about who would be the next CEO have started emerging. Sources close to the situation have now revealed that Ford CEO Alan Mulally is in the forefront to be a potential successor.

15 things Google got wrong
Google celebrated its fifteenth birthday this week, and while the atmosphere was happy-go-lucky, it is important to go over some of the mistakes the search giant has made over the years. 

China lifting ban on sale of gaming consoles
China has officially announced that it is lifting the ban on the sale of gaming consoles in the country. The move comes as part of the recently-approved free-trade zone in Shanghai. If you're wondering why consoles were banned in China in the first place, it's because moral guardians took the idea that "violent games = bad" to its logical extreme back in the year 2000. The country felt that the violent content of games could have negative effects on young children
Hack packed!
China now lifts ban on gaming consoles

Microsoft to combine Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app stores into one
Microsoft’s plans for converging all of its various digital storefronts into one are becoming more apparent as the days go by. Sources familiar with the company’s plans have revealed that Microsoft will be making a single app store for the next Windows Phone and Windows update. The move was apparently confirmed by the head of Microsoft's Operating Systems group Terry Myerson in an internal company meeting. 

Ctrl-Alt-Del was a mistake, admits Bill Gates
When Bill Gates was at the helm, Microsoft saw quite a bit of success. However, not all of the former-boss’ ideas were winners. During a talk at a Harvard fundraising campaign, Gates talked about one of his biggest mistakes with Microsoft's Windows operating system—Ctrl+Alt+Del. Gates admitted that it was a mistake to make users hit the infamous button combination whenever they wanted to log into their computers.
Bill Gates admits that Ctrl-Alt-Del was a mistake

Google Nexus 7 gets a price drop, now starts at Rs 9,999
Amazon recently dropped the price of the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, and now Google’s Nexus 7 (2012 model) too has seen a price cut. Some online retailers are now selling the 16GB Wi-Fi Nexus 7 for Rs 9999. The 32GB version of the Nexus 7 also gets a price drop and is available of Rs 13,999. Does this mean the new 2013 model or what is known as the refreshed Nexus 7 is coming to India soon?

Bug in Google Talk, Hangouts results in messages going to wrong recipients
Google seems to have run into a few problems with its instant messaging services. Posts by users on Google’s support forum as well as on Twitter now suggest that a bug in the system is apparently sending messages through Google Talk and delivering them to the wrong recipient. The recipients can be anyone from the user’s friends list. In some instances, the bug seems to be sending multiple messages from different conversations as well.

Nokia Lumia 1020 'launched' in India; hits stores on October 11
Finally, the camera-centric Nokia Lumia 1020 made an official entry into the Indian market. The highlight of this Windows-based Nokia device is its gigantic 41-megapixel camera, which is said to be the second version of the camera seen in the PureView 808. Nokia will announce the price of the Lumia 1020 on October 10, a day before the phone hits stores.
A price would have been nice
A price would have been nice

TRAI recommends country-wide MNP within six months
Telcom regulatory body TRAI has now recommended that MNP (mobile number portability) should be fully implemented across the nation within six months. With mobile number portability, a subscriber can retain his mobile telephone number when he moves from one service provider to another. However, it is presently restricted within a service area. By implementing pan-India MNP, subscribers can retain their numbers even when they move from one region to another. 

BlackBerry Z10 price drops to Rs 29,990 in India
BlackBerry has now released an official note stating that the BlackBerry Z10 is available for Rs 29,990 as a limited period festive offer. The company had left many tongues wagging when it launched the device earlier this year for a hefty price of Rs 43,490. Now, the price has been slashed all the way down to Rs 29,999 on Flipkart. It is selling slightly cheaper at Rs 29,636 on Snapdeal while online sites like Infibeam and Saholic are selling it around Rs 35,700. This means, within seven months from its launch, the price has come down by over Rs 13,000.

Lumia 1820, the first Microsoft WP8 smartphone to drop Nokia branding?
After Microsoft’s announced the purchase of Nokia’s devices and services business, here’s the first leaked tidbit around Microsoft’s upcoming smartphone. The first smartphone to come from Nokia after being acquired by Microsoft is likely to be dubbed Lumia 1820, and it will not carry the Nokia branding.
No more of Nokia...
No more of Nokia...

Analysts question Apple's claim of 9 million iPhone sales on launch weekend
Apple topped up the launch of its new iPhone 5s and 5c last week by announcing that it sold 9 million iPhone 5s and 5c devices, a significant hike over the 5 million iPhone 5 units that were shipped  last year. While all these reasons seem pertinent, quite a few analysts are now claiming that the nine million unit number may not be completely true, with many speculating that a fair number may not have been sold to users

AppleCare+ to cover iPhones, iPads, iPods for international travelers
With the launch of its new iPhones, Apple has now added more changes to its AppleCare+ service. It will now allow users to get their iPhone, iPad and iPod serviced in any country that offers AppleCare+. Basically, it means AppleCare+ now extends its services to international travellers too. The service basically covers iPhones, iPads and iPods against accidental damage and warranty-related issues. Earlier, users could access the service only where the iDevice was purchased from.

Amazon introduces two new 7-inch and 8.9-inch Fire HDX tablets
Amazon is serious about its Fire tablet range. The company has now introduced two new HDX models in the Kindle Fire range, a 7-inch one and an 8.9-inch one. The tablets were introduced by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos at an event recently.
The larger Kindle Fire HDX features an 8.9-inch screen
Amazon has introduces new Kindle Fire HDX tablets

Twitter IPO to be listed on New York Stock Exchange
It looks like Twitter has finally made a decision about which market it will go to when it finally opens up its IPO. The micro-blogging website is going to list itself on the New York Stock Exchange. The IPO is expected to be massive, with an estimated value of around $1.5 billion. Conversely, Facebook went with a Nasdaq listing, and is en route to selling more than $16 billion worth of stock.

Amazon drops price of 7-inch Kindle Fire HD in India, now starts at Rs 11,999
Amazon has now announced that it is dropping the price of its 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet in India. While the 16GB version will now set users back Rs 11,999, the 32GB variant will cost users Rs 15,999. Both the 16GB and the 32GB variants were earlier priced at Rs 15,999 and Rs 18,999 respectively.

Samsung begins Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear rollout in India
Samsung’s latest device offerings, the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, recently went up for pre-order in India. The company has now starting shipping the devices to users who had pre-ordered the devices from the company’s online store. Multiple buyers reportedly started receiving tracking details of their shipments recently.
Hitting India today!
Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 begin rolling out in India

BlackBerry set to go private in a $4.7 billion deal with group led by Fairfax Financial
Close on the heels of BlackBerry pausing the global rollout of its BlackBerry Messenger app for iOS and Android, the company recently announced that it had signed a letter of intent with a group spearheaded by Fairfax Financial, hinting at a chance of a possible takeover. According to reports, the deal to take the Canadian company private is pegged to be around $4.7 billion.

Microsoft unveils Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and a host of accessories
Microsoft has now added to its Surface family with two new models, the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2, as well as a range of new accessories for the tablet duo. The new tablets are definitely an overhaul over the earlier editions, coming with the latest specifications and quite a few nifty features.  

Sony reportedly rolls out first firmware update for Xperia Z1 in India
Sony’s latest smartphone launch, the Xperia Z1, has now reportedly got its first firmware update in India, titled build number 14.1.G.1.531. The update does not come with noticeable improvements or additions to the software, instead providing only regular bug or performance updates, according to the source.

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