BlackBerry World home to 130,000 BB10 applications

BlackBerry may be in the midst of some serious trouble but there’s still something to smile about for the Canadian company. It has been revealed that the number of apps for the BlackBerry 10 OS now stands at 131,708 approximately.

NDTV Gadgets reports that the announcement was made by Vice President for Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, at the BlackBerry Jam conference in Hong Kong on Thursday. BlackBerry Jam is the company’s developer conference.

Saunders said that there were now more than 130,000 applications close to seven months after the release of the newest BlackBerry OS – BB10. At this point in their life cycles, he said, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store stood at 17,500 and 2,908 apps respectively. The report goes on to point out that there’s been a considerable change in the growth of app economy since Apple and Google’s App Stores made their debut.
Bucket-loads of BB10 apps
Bucket-loads of BB10 apps

Of course, BlackBerry is still adding applications for BB OS 7 at a rapid speed. The OS version was possibly one of the most successful BlackBerry OS and is still used widely across the world. Saunders said, during the conference, that the total number of applications for BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 7 combined now stood at 256,668. He also mentioned that customers of 70 carriers across 46 countries will now be able to use direct carrier billing for buying applications and other content on BlackBerry World, including in-app purchases. Saunders revealed that the company would be rolling out the BlackBerry 10.2 OS update sometime next month.

While numbers revealed for BlackBerry World at the conference looks impressive, there’s a backstory to this. Late last month it had been revealed that one single developer had released over 47,000 applications alone in the App Store. While there were a handful of applications that were well developed and had genuine ratings, most were simply repackaged RSS feeds and other low-quality applications.

Even though BlackBerry may have made efforts to weed out low-quality applications from its app store recently, there’s a lot more to the 130,000 number than meets the eye.

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