Things to know when starting a New Job – Make a great first impression

Things to know when starting a New Job – Make a great first impression.
Okay so you have landed yourself a new job and don’t quite know how to fit into it?
After all, making that switch from the college to the corporate world is no cakewalk. UT Finds out what it really takes to be a successful ‘kid’ on the corporate block…
To begin with, you may have loads of self-confidence, but it soon fizzles out once you get started. Feelings range from being nervous, excited and stressed—all at the same time. Your employer will not expect miracles on the first day, and remember; even your colleagues were newbies once so they might just want to help you to settle in quickly. Says Shubham Prasanna, a 20-something corporate guy, “When a fresher graduates and moves to a new company, he has to focus on the main tasks since he is not expected to know everything.” So there is always room for mistakes.
Expect the best but be prepared for the worst: A fresher on his first job MAY have to struggle with managing people and they come in all shapes and sizes. No one is your college buddy out there and winning friends and influencing people is an art you have to seriously cultivate. Come to think of it, people are at the heart of any company’s activities and it is finally the people who drive a company’s success or failure.
For an MBA graduate like Saran Chowdhury who works at Sahara Mall, life would be intolerable without his colleagues’ support. “I like being a team player. If I don’t get my colleagues’ backing, I would like to call its quits,” he says. But there are ways to work round the problem. As Vijay Khurana explains, “Hardwork and friendly nature are the keys to a fresher’s success.” A home away from home may sound like a scary prospect, but Ramesh Jana, for instance, feels he has to devote time to his friends and family: “A job away from my hometown does not figure on my priority list.” Similarly, Pooja Sharma of Gurgaon cites “objection from parents” as the reason for her reluctance to take the plunge “anywhere else”.
Job locations in NCR could vary from Noida—“for its superb connectivity to Delhi, great transport facilities and nice options” as Rishika put it—to Faridabad because “relatives stay there” as Shubham explains or Delhi because girls like Tania are attracted to its “tremendous growth prospects, infrastructure and industries”. Gurgaon is of course a hot favourite for Pervez Alam who knows its locations like the back of his palm. But to give credit to guys like Vikas, he would put his career above all else—“location can never be an obstacle and I have my parents to back me up on this”.
Now that hiring and firing is the name of the game what with globalization bringing MNCs in its wake, sustaining that dream job can pose a huge challenge. Building credibility means being consistently good at your job. For Pooja, sustaining a job is tougher than finding a new one, since she would “neither have the knowledge nor experience”, she says. Evidently, as Atul claims, “Job profiles too are getting tougher by the day”. Ultimately, a tempting package is enough to get freshers hooked to their jobs. As Pooja clarifies, “If the package is not that good why work in the first place?” But then, to girls like Priyanka Yadav, “Work culture and organizational behaviour are definitely more important than salary package.”  In any case, package comes with experience.
And finally, there is something that needs to be said about stress and excessive workload; on maintaining, what executives claim, is a work-life balance. For sure, the 9 to 5 concept, even for a fresher, is no longer in vogue. So how does one cope? “I would hit the night spots, make friends with colleagues and keep in touch with old friends,” says Tania on beating stress at the workplace. The possibilities for unwinding are endless.Be it hitting the company gym at lunch hour, exercising outdoors, taking a shower or making smarter food choices (like packing a sandwich to munch at your desk), watching a Bollywood laugh riot or writing in a journal, it all counts to get yourself recharged.
While there are no hard and fast rules, freshers should not hesitate to ask everyone about everything. It is important not to ‘drift’. Your first job is your first impression about the outside world. It should leave a meaningful imprint. So make the most of it even as you slog through the day. Here’s wishing you luck. We are sure you would find this ‘survival kit’ handy.

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