Micromax teases Canvas 4's lockscreen; asks 'What Next?

Micromax Canvas 4 is still more than a week away from hitting pre-order status, but the company continues to tease us with images and hints of the new smartphone. Following the double teasers we saw on TV last week, Micromax has now gone ahead and put up an intriguing post on its Facebook page.

This time the teaser image asks "What Next?" below a picture of three smartphones, presumably an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a BlackBerry, with their lockscreens. It comes with the caption: “Slide, Swipe, Press to unlock....What's next?” The comments that follow this post suggest options like retina recognition, face unlock (which already exists) and voice unlock, but we are quite stumped as to what Micromax could reveal with the Canvas 4.
Any ideas?
Any ideas?

The lockscreen teaser suggests that the phone will come with some software innovations, presumably developed by Micromax. There are a few apps in the market that do enable voice-based features to unlock the phone, such as Nuance’s Dragon ID, which could be a route the company chooses to go with.

What we can surmise, though, is Micromax is trying to put emphasis on more than just raw specs this time around. The teaser ads flaunt the Canvas 4’s body, more than the specs. It looks metallic and could indeed be built using high-quality durable material like aluminium or stainless steel. We also know from our sources that the phone will be priced between Rs 23,000 and Rs 25,000, so there’s a clear intention to add to the aspirational value of the brand.

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