Domino's to use remote-controlled choppers to deliver pizzas

Soon you could get a pizza delivered at your door steps without the help of a pizza delivery boy. As per a report by Pocket-Lint, Domino's Pizza, the leading pizza delivery chain, came up with a remote controlled helicopter that can deliver food items.

Calling it the DomiCopter, Domino’s is planning to deliver pizza at the door steps of its costumers using this device. Resembling the Call of Duty-style unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), but with pizzas instead of machine guns, the DomiCopter is expected to be a new addition to the various manners in which a food item can be delivered.

"At Domino's we’re always looking to innovate and find new ways to deliver our pizza and a DomiCopter could fit the bill perfectly," said Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director at Domino's. "We are the number one pizza delivery company and we are committed to staying in that position."
As shown in the above video, the copter is capable of carrying a maximum of two large size pizzas in its heat-wave bags that helps in keeping the pizzas hot. The copter is controlled with the help of a remote, using which the vehicle can be directed to reach its destination. Carrying the pizzas in a specially adapted cradle, it travels at a height of 700 metres from the ground, which helps in avoiding traffic.

"What better way to totally avoid the traffic than to fly - if anything this will now make us even quicker! We think it's a great way to reinforce that Domino's go to more lengths than anyone to deliver great pizza." Wallis added

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