4.4 billion songs were streamed in 2013

 With rumours surfacing that Apple is working on its own music streaming service, companies like Spotify and Napster will be keen to hold onto the majority of those numbers
In 2013 4.405 billion streams were played by users of music streaming services like Napster andSpotify. As if that wasn't enough these figures account for just the UK users not including Napster's worldwide owner, Rhapsody.
This comes just a year after the Official Charts Company started the first Official Streaming Chart as a sign of recognition that streaming music services are now becoming as popular an option as individually buying songs.
Google has been increasingly trying to branch out in this sector with the company finally launching Google Music All Access at Google I/O 2013. The subscription service would give users the same cloud streaming features of Google Music but then also give them full streaming access to Google's music library.
At present both Napster and Spotify offer premium music streaming packages which let you access their libraries on your smartphone, but where they differ with Google Music is the ability to save streamed music as offline files for playing when there's no internet access.
Rumours have been circling that Apple is currently working on its own competitor which would combine a music streaming service with iTunes Match which currently gives you the ability to upload your entire library to the cloud and then stream it from different devices.

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