Hack Close Facebook Account

Hack Close Facebook Account

This Post is Only For Education Purpose Any Attempt Might Leave you Behind Bars. I don't take any responsibility Over The Content Provided. Use And try At Your Own Risk.
Step 1 - 

Go to this url:
http://www.facebook.com/help/coct/?id...3649477238 (Click on it)

This is the Link we will use to Report our victim. This Form allows you to report a person who is dead. The report will be handled by a Facebook worker, and most likely he will just close the account.

Step 2 - 
Fill all the Fields:
You might change one thing or two if it doesn't work the first time.

Full Name: Your Victims Full name(first and last name)
Account Email Addresses: Do the same thing, go to his profile and click on info tab and get his email addresses.
Web address (URL) of the timeline you'd like to report Just go to his profile and copy the link in the address bar.(the url bar in your browser)
Relationship to this person: To make more believable select Immediate Family.
Requested Action: Memorialize account
Your Contact Email: Fill in Your Fake Email.

Proof Of Death: This is the hardest part of this form. Now to make a proof of a death just search Google in your language(or the language of the Victim) for a "Death Certificate" or "Certificate of Death". It works best if you can get a certificate from the right country, but this template will also work:
Now open an editor and fill it out.
Now upload the image to a host Like http://imageshack.us/
And it's done. Put a link to the image in the form

Step 3 - 
Click on Submit and then a message will appear:
Your injury was submitted at Facebook Team. Well, this means Facebook is handling the order. The account will most likely be closed within 48 hours from now.
You Might see your Victim turning crazy when he Comes to know that he's DEAD.

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